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We “borrow” photos of Chechu from the great cycling photographers with care. Always credit photographer and source, and ask permission first, if possible.

On the internet, some sources are fair game though, especially the media. Photographers are paid for their work. A little extra credit, a little more exposure for them on a popular rider website (and one so well made). How can that be a bad thing?

No, we’ve never had problems with professional photographers, I guess we’re on the same side. Astana’s Graham Watson was cool. He told us last week, no problems. And we are grateful. Without official photographs, we’d be much poorer.

In fact, it’s non-professionals who give us grief and this makes us wary. Recently we used a small photo, without permission. The photographer got a name check, but he was unhappy. Fair enough. But he called us thieves on his blog, it was a bit strong.

Of course, we’ve apologised and now we’re all friends. The photo is gone and isn’t missed.

So with some hesitation, I’m attaching this photo of the year so far by Roberto Bettini. I’ve emailed him, and fingers crossed, we can use it on the main website soon. For now, it’s simply too good to miss.



Nicky, Edinburgh


1. Rebecca - February 5, 2008

All the more adorable because it’s apparently a baby girl. (pink blanket). And she’s waving hi. Hola, Chechu fans!

2. Charlotte - February 10, 2008

I Love This Photo – so cute … and the baby Joey isn’t bad either!

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