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GO ASTANA! February 1, 2008

Posted by wetalkhablamos in team astana.

Paceline forum member Charizard follows Team Astana to New Mexico and takes in the atmosphere outside the training camp.

WOW, day eight of the Astana boys’ training camp – Go Astana! – in Albuquerque and I can’t believe I’m actually here, incredible.

It was very cold as I waited outside with the small mob waiting for them to come out of the hotel. The wonderful staff went along with their duties of loading up the vans with wheels, apples and New Mexico highway road maps – also various other things that are needed to meet the boys every need on the road.

Then all the sudden Levi appears — well, I’m pretty sure it was Levi. It is funny because you know how during the races you can see everything except the eyes? Well, being cold – he (they) were so bundled up, the eyes were all you could see, until they took off on their bikes … then the glasses went on!

But I drift – once Levi came out it was as if the flood gates had been opened. I swear ten boys spilled out of the door all at once, it was hard to know where to aim the camera.

Alberto came out a bit next to last and boom … yes again, I actually heard boom … they were gone in a flash!

My car had gotten blocked in, so I lost them – I searched and searched, but found out that they had gone west and I’d gone east.

So I went to the most excellent team presentation at the Hispanic Cultural Center and then back to the room for some much needed sleep. What a ride – okay, I’ll catch ya’ll later, time to go freeze myself again, in hopes of a few more close encounters with Team Astana.


Charlotte, Albuquerque



1. Rebecca - February 5, 2008


I loved the moments during your Astana team presentation video (on YouTube) when Chechu’s picture was shown on screen and all the Americans’ thunderous applause!

I’m glad Chechu likes the USA so much, because they certainly love him!

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