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CON CARIÑO February 7, 2008

Posted by wetalkhablamos in chechu.

This photograph of Chechu sits on our study bookcase. It arrived out the blue, a couple of years ago. Under Christine’s caring eye, Chechu had signed it, and written a message.

Para Nicky, con cariño. ¡Gracias por vuestro apoyo!


I look at this photo, and it’s beautiful. I am thrilled to have it. I’m thrilled that he sent me a message. With affection.

And there lies a problem, I also feel a bit guilty. I’m 44, surely too old to grin, outside and in … well, like teenager.

The last time I was a fan was in 1974 when I fell in love with the Bay City Rollers. I was 11. I was quite envious of my elder sister’s official fan club membership card, but I was content to tie my tartan scarf round my wrist. I was a fan.

And that is it, my fan credentials until now. Not very impressive.

Of course, I have met famous people. Working on Edinburgh festival fringe for eights years, musicians, TV comedians and actors walked into my office. So, they were passing through to the director’s office … I have no illusions that any will remember me.

But I remember George Takei, who sat at my desk while I helped him with some arrangement or other. That was surreal. My sister and I were huge Star Trek fans during the original five year mission. Aged seven, I played Mr Sulu in some inter-planetary adventure, my bed was the bridge.

I chaperoned Valentina Tereshkova for a day. A month before I was born, she was launched in a Vostok 6 rocket, the first woman in space. Her lover was Yuri Gagarin.

And I remember Mario Vargas Llosa, and his trench coat. It was very wet in Edinburgh that year, 1991. Or was it 1993? I don’t remember.

I never once thought to ask for an autograph or a photo. Should I have?

It would be a cool collection to show my children, an extraordinary memory book. I read the other day that James Blunt doesn’t take photos of his amazing life in music, he wants the memories to be his alone. I think I understand this, selfish though it seems.

For me, Chechu’s website is the opposite to this. When we saw him last October, I gave him a thumb-drive with nearly 600 photos. He looked rather bemused. I told him that this archive of news, photos and interviews isn’t just for us, or even for him. It’s for future Rubieras. Para siempre, Chechu.

In truth, I’m a long way from those shang-a-lang days and I must enjoy my photo of Chechu for what it is. Thank you, Christine.

And anyway, two years on and con cariño is nothing. On a good day, we get besos.

Nicky, Edinburgh

You might like to know that we have a huge photograph of Lance in our upper hallway. You can read about that on My Blog … if you can bear it!

And just for fun, here’s where the website is made.




1. Martha - February 15, 2008

I wish I took a picture of my work shrine to Chechu. Talk about work incentive!

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