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My wife and I started going to the Tour de France in 2001 to support a fellow cancer survivor, not long after I was diagnosed. It was less about cycling and more about supporting a friend and raising awareness about a disease that affects so many people in the world.

Our first day on the side of a mountain was spent with a loud fanatical group, which we became friends with, Chechu’s fan club. We cheered, sang, laughed, ate and drank together, and for the next four years met them on the side of a mountain and did it all over again.

With Lance’s retirement we haven’t been back for the Tour, but decided to go to Italy for the Giro this year as soon as we got the news that Chechu had signed on for one more year with Astana.

We already had our flights booked and plans in the works, when we were crushed to hear Chechu would not be able to ride his favorite race, through no fault of his own or the current team.

After much consideration we’ve now canceled our nonrefundable flights, lost money and have canceled our trip. It wouldn’t be the same trip without the opportunity to support a friend and one of the nicest guys in the peloton.

Thanks for the memories Chechu! See ya at the Tour de Georgia.

Angie and Jerry Kelly, USA

We will always be indebted to Angie and Jerry. Without them, Chechu might never have said “si”. As tireless supporters of LAF, they are an inspiration.



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