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Welcome Amy, our reporter on the scene at the Tour de Georgia! Amy’s traveling in the wake of the peloton this week, meeting the riders, snapping photos, and visiting with fans.

Here’s the really good part: She gets to see Chechu Rubiera race every day. Lucky! –Rebecca

What is a hero?

Dictionary.com defines the word “hero” as follows: a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. I’ve only ever considered one person in my life to be a hero and that was my father, who faced his battle with cancer as only a hero could. Today, Chechu has joined that very short list. Yes, for different reasons, but he is a man of courage, bravery, and ability as is evidenced by his chosen profession. He is also, in my humble opinion, a man of noble qualities.

Today, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Chechu before the start of Stage 1 of the Tour de Georgia. I was wearing one of my Chechu t-shirts and carrying the Asturian flag that Nicky sent me. When this was brought to Chechu’s attention, it was he that initiated the meeting and, as he approached me, he was smiling that beautiful smile of his from ear to ear.

I’m not 100% sure what he said to me but he was very thankful of the support of him and his country. I reached out my hand to him but instead of a handshake, he gave me the gift of a lifetime–a kiss on each cheek.

My day could only go down from there, right? But it didn’t. Instead of turning around and walking away, he actually stood with me for a few minutes and talked to me, patiently answering my questions, asking me where I was from and how long did it take for me to get there. He autographed my Astana paddle (something I handmade) and posed for a picture with me.

I’ve always respected Chechu for his dedication not only to his team leaders but to his sport as well, and I’ve respected him for always seeming to be a positive role model for younger riders. Now I also respect him for the gracious way he treated me. Chechu is a handsome man but, after meeting him, I’d have to say this is amplified by his wonderful personality.

So you see, to me, he is a hero.

The Tour de Georgia continues through Sunday. Today’s stage from Tybee Island to Savannah was great. The atmosphere at the start line was so exciting that I wanted to jump up and down. I decided there would be too many witnesses to this so, instead, I took over 100 pictures, talked with other fans, watched the breakaway on the big screen at the finish and enjoyed Ivan Dominguez’s sense of humor during his podium interview.

Tomorrow I’ll check out of my “motel”–I use that term loosely–and drive to Statesboro to watch the start of Stage 2. I’ll probably take 100 more pictures and have many more wonderful stories to share with you.

Until then, sleep tight.




1. Anikó Szász - April 22, 2008

Hi Amy,

Thanks for the great story! I’m happy, that you managed to meet Chechu! Enjoy the rest of the race, too!


2. Charlotte - April 22, 2008

Amy! You Rock Girlfriend … glad you had a most excellent time and that Chechu said “hi” and spent some time with you — INCREDIBLE! Keep on enjoying … Day 2 will not be the same as Day 1 and so forth, each day a new adventure … “HEY” and jump up and down .. heaven knows Mag and I did in Cali … and well, I do anyway – without any provocation! Char

3. Juls - April 22, 2008

AMY!!! What a fantastic experience! I am so happy for you!! I absolutely agree with your assessment of Chechu Rubiera! Have a great time. Enjoy yourself and a appreciate every single moment! These memories will last you a lifetime.

(And you look awesome, girl!)

4. VinoFan - April 23, 2008

We can just envy!
Can I ask to take a few pictures of youngest Roman Kireev? Unfortunately there isn’t much who knows him by sight.

5. Amy Bush - April 24, 2008

Vinofan, I think I got a couple of him today. I’ll figure out a way to get them to you.

6. VinoFan - April 24, 2008

I saw great picture on the official site and of course any additional are appreciated!

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