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MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!! April 25, 2008

Posted by wetalkhablamos in chechu, cycling fans, team astana, tour de georgia.

I did it, with a little help from Cathy, but the deed is done. I have met Eki, I got my picture taken with him AND I got a smile out of him.

He really is a nice guy and I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet him. Besides, he probably thought that it was the only way to get rid of me. But I’m not going anywhere, I’ll just find a new mission. I’ve had no interaction with Aaron or Andrey AT ALL, so maybe that’s where I’ll go.

Michael, unfortunately, had to pull out today and I never got him to sign the paddle but the poor guy looked absolutely miserable. When the boys were heading out to the track for a warm-up ride, I saw Michael riding by and asked him how he felt today. He just looked at me, didn’t say a word but shook his head “No”. Then later, when the whole team was warming-up on their trainers in front of the bus, he struggled just to get on his bike. I knew then that he’d be off the back of the group by the end of the first lap. I just hate he had to pull out but there’s no way he would have been able to go up Brasstown on Saturday.

Now, to explain my Johan encounter …

After Annie beat the tar out of me to get my attention, I saw him standing 3 feet away looking as handsome as ever. It was such a shock to me. I knew he was going to be there but I thought we’d be lucky to see him let alone see him in a completely random location. I’m pretty sure I shouted “Oh my GOD, it’s Johan Bruyneel”. He turned to look our direction and then started to walk away and I said something like “You can’t go anywhere until you sign my Astana paddle”. I was a little (ok, A LOT) embarrassed for myself for being so exuberant but I guess I’ll get over it.

Johan was funny. He liked the paddle and thought we should use it on the head of the ASO. Coincidently, Eki had the SAME idea when he signed the paddle. I promise, when I came up with the paddle idea, there were no conscious thoughts of violence at all but Rebecca sensed/joked all along that there was some hidden meaning as to why I chose a paddle. It must be true since so many other people have had the same thought for its use.

Annie had a fantastic idea which we implemented today.

I wanted to get an 8×10 copy of my picture with Chechu signed and didn’t know how that’d be possible. She suggested uploading it to Walgreen’s and picking it up on the way to today’s stage. That idea grew and I ended up getting about 12 8×10’s of various riders like George, Tyler, Tommy D, and Danny Pate. So today I ran around from team bus to team bus trying to get them all signed. I managed half of them.

Michael Creed was nice. I thanked him for signing the picture and he was like “No worries”. Danny Pate was nice too.

I had a picture of Ivan Dominguez in the Leaders Jersey but I could never find the Toyota United bus. I walked up and down the line of buses at least 6 times and even asked some official looking people but it was nowhere to be seen.

Then later, when I went on the other side of the track to watch the rest of the stage, guess what I found? That’s right, the Toyota United bus practically right next to the CSC bus where I’d spent a portion of my morning. Go figure. I must be losing my eyesight now that I’m over 40.

I once again took probably more than 200 pictures. I took some special pictures for Annie of her FAVORITE non-ASTANA Team Manager (sarcasm implied). She really appreciated that (sarcasm implied again). can’t wait to share my pictures with everybody. Annie and I got a lot of similar pictures today even though we spent a good bit of the day apart.

Vinofan, I went up to Roman as he was getting out of the team car and said I had a special request for his picture. I took a lot of pictures of him today. I think he thinks I’m stalking him now.

So no major catastrophes to announce except maybe the MAJOR sunburn I mentioned in an earlier blog that is only getting worse despite using sunscreen. It’s all over my lower arms, my face and my neck and it’s so bad that it’s painful to be out in the sun and it’s too hot to cover my arms. We stopped at a CVS and a pharmacist helped me find something to sooth the burn. I know I’m a nurse but we are like doctors (no offense intended to any doctors out there) and we are not the best patients.

Annie and I are staying at the cutest little B & B but we’re in one of the cottages they have on the property. It’s very small, quaint and quiet and WAY, WAY up in the mountains. The road to get here was so curvy that I was laughing hysterically at one point because it was literally one curve after another with no breaks in-between.

Rebecca and her family are coming here tomorrow and will be in the cottage right next to ours. I can’t wait.

I hope to get this sent out tonight but, being in the mountains, there’s not a strong wireless feed. I’ll say goodnight anyway and hope everyone is safe and happy.


P.S. Chechu, if you read this, I was supposed to give you a message at Road Atlanta from Jerry at the LAF booth. He said to tell you he had your flag flying above the booth in your honor. saw it and it looked fantastic.




1. Anikó Szász - April 25, 2008

I’m happy, that you managed to meet Eki and make him smile! Can’t wait to see your picture of him! Thank you again for the great report! Go on and enjoy the rest of the days as well!

2. Charlotte - April 25, 2008

YOU GO GIRL!!!! “Hey” more than one of “us” has embarrased themselves in front of Johan :-) I’m so glad you are having a blast and getting so many good autographs and experiences … whaaaa, I wanna spend a whole week with them! “Oh Well” one day — Gooooo Amy, Gooooo Annie, Goooooo Rebecca (when you get there!)

Wish the boys “No Chain!” for me – Char

3. Joan Poates - April 25, 2008

Amy you are not going blind. I was assigned at the end where the Toyota bus eventually parked. They didn’t get there until a little after 1:30. Guess they were trying to physc out the competition or something. They actually got there with a little less then 30 minutes to spare before they had to go for there bike checks. Glad to meet you even though it was briefly. See you on Brasstown Bald. Will have my flag flying proudly.


4. Chris (Tour Fan) - April 26, 2008

LOL See Amy, you’re a pro now. I love that even though you were shocked to have Johan standing right there, you still knew to yell out, “You can’t go anywhere until you sign my Astana paddle.”

I LOVE this! ..and his idea for the best use of the paddle!

As I said on another site …you kids have fun and be careful out there. (maybe I should warn the teams and riders instead ;-) )

5. Juls - April 27, 2008

You guys are living my dream! Johan and Eki and Chechu. Oh my word. I am not above stalking. It is perfectly acceptable and I feel I am quite good at it. (I learned from Char :0) )

So, Amy and Annie – you have made up my mind. I will be at the Tour of Missouri. No doubt. The only think that would stop me from going….is the US Pro Championships.

I wanna stalk too!!!

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