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Posted by wetalkhablamos in chechu, cycling fans, team astana, tour de georgia.

We’re still waiting for news from Rebecca, I think they’re partying on the team bus! It was probably not champagne last night, but we know that the team are allowed a glass of wine with dinner. And after the climb, I think they deserve it.

Team Rubiera were on Brasstown Bald yesterday. Top photographer, Ken Conley spotted them and caught a flag on camera.

Photograph by Ken Conley

After manning the LAF stall all week, Angie and Jerry Kelly took a break to join TRub at the finish.

Photographs by Jerry Kelly

I’ve seen 1000s of photos of Chechu, many of them are after the race. He looks super tired. So Astana bosses – give the man a holiday!

Thank you everybody for the fab pics this week.

Nicky, Edinburgh



1. Anikó Szász - April 27, 2008

Thanks again forthe nice Chechu pictures! It was great to see him working hard yesterday! And yeah, he really deserves that holiday!

2. Charlotte - April 27, 2008

Chechu Rocked Brasstown! He deserves a SHORT vaca … we want to see as much of him as possible this year! Char

3. Annie - April 29, 2008

If you look closely you can see Amy sitting in the back of the crowd in a chair that has the bright green bag hanging on the back- she has a blue shirt on. I am sitting to her left on the ground with my burgundy Chechu t-shirt on.

4. Rebecca - April 29, 2008

Larry and I are sitting on the ground at Annie’s left. Cricket’s on the ground at our feet, playing Sudoku with a little boy dressed in red.

Chechu is riding by on the screen!

5. Rebecca - April 29, 2008

One more thing: We mounted the big Asturian flag on a post on the green, as high as possible so Chechu could see it. It looked absolutely beautiful! On a day of changeable sky, the blue changed colors, brilliant–electric!–in the sun, stately in the shade.

The moment Ken took the photograph there was a lull in the breeze.
The flag was actually proudly unfurled for all to see for many hours.

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