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A FOND FAREWELL April 28, 2008

Posted by wetalkhablamos in chechu, cycling fans, team astana, tour de georgia.

With the race over, there’s nothing else to do but put your feet up on the dash and hang out the window, chatting to amigos.

Thank you (again!) to Brenda for her photos from stage 7.

That’s Rebecca, flag in hand, with Cricket, Larry (hidden) and Amy. And lovely Jenny the dog.

There’s extra champagne for Chechu on the podium, to celebrate his last race in the US.

Nicky, Edinburgh



1. cg - April 28, 2008

You’ll also notice that by the time of the bus pic, Rebecca was wearing Chechu’s cap!

2. Anikó Szász - April 28, 2008

Oh my lucky friends! I wish one day I also has had the opportunity to meet Chechu! It must be a great experience, as he is so kind with his fans!

3. Larry in KC - April 29, 2008

Not just any champagne, that’s Chechu’s beloved Asturian Sidra, which had beenhand-delivered by Rebecca! In the hectic podium moments, Chechu didn’t actually realize that detail until afterward, at the bus. The top photo is of the very moment after I told him, and he turned to Rebecca and said, “from where?” When she said “from Asturias! By mail!”, his jaw dropped open.

Chechu gives and gives, but being the humble person he is, he’s always so grateful when others give or make an effort for him.

Oh, and when Chechu came off the podium and reached over the barrier to toss the hat to Rebecca, she made a skillful catch!

4. cg - April 29, 2008

Hey, Larry – I saw Jared working diligently to get the extra champagne up to the podium amidst the announcer and podium girls’ confused looks but it finally got up there and the special announcement was made.
‘Should have known you guys were behind it!

5. Rebecca - April 29, 2008

Top photo: Jenny Dog’s wearing the Spanish flag.

6. Anikó Szász - April 29, 2008

I don’t think there is a rider in the peloton who has better fans! Of course Chechu deserves the best of the bests!

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