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Posted by wetalkhablamos in chechu, cycling fans, team astana, tour de georgia.

I’ve never liked saying Goodbye, not ever.

Maybe it’s an Attachment Disorder left over from childhood but when I care about someone or love someone, I don’t want them to be away from me.

When Sunday arrived and I knew it was “that” time, I had to really fight back the tears. As I said before, I’m glad Rebecca was there because she helped me hold it together.

Thank you so much to Rebecca and Nicky for inviting me to do these blogs and become a part of Team Rubiera – I love that, it’s like a news crew “Reporting Live From Atop Brasstown Bald, It’s Team Rubiera”.

I enjoyed meeting Annie, Rebecca, Larry, Cricket and Jenny and all the Astana fans we happened upon along the way.

And I’m happy that everyone has enjoyed the blogs and the photos and hope that maybe in those blogs you all can get a sense of what the experience was really like for me.

I’m hoping to go back to Georgia next year. Why not?

Amy, USA



1. Chris (Tour Fan) - May 2, 2008

That’s exactly what it’s been like following you at the Tour. “This has been Amy Arielena reporting… ” :-D

I have totally enjoyed all of the blogs and pictures and appreciate so much your efforts to get them online for all of us.

Thanks again Amy, Deb, Rebecca and all!

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