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Posted by wetalkhablamos in cycling fans.

This week, Scottish football (soccer) fans went on the rampage after Glasgow Rangers lost the UEFA Cup final. It was a shock to us. The days of fans facing up to the polis were supposed to be over. We were proud that we weren’t like yon thugs south of the Border.

The reasons for the violence and destruction in Manchester last Wednesday have been much debated in the media here. Everyone has given their opinion – of course – including the leader of Glasgow Council, Steven Purcell.

Reported by the BBC, Councillor Purcell said,

“Manchester is not to blame for what happened. Rangers Football Club is not to blame for what happened, the vast majority of Rangers supporters are not to blame for what happened.

“The only people to blame are the mindless minority who acted in the irresponsible, idiotic and violent ways we have all witnessed.”

In other words, don’t you blame us, pal, it was his fault. We’re not responsible.

Aren’t they? I don’t think it’s that easy to walk away any more. Especially people who are supposed to love sport.

Just as Scottish football must pull together this week to sort things out, cycling needs unity.

In recent weeks, we’ve witnessed baffling hypocrisy and expediency in cycling. Some fallen angels must give back their titles and jerseys. Others, just as guilty, are allowed to keep them. Riders and teams are expelled – or welcomed back – on whim or rumour or politics. A cyclist loses his job because of a mistake with medication. Another still rides, just because he lives in another country.

None of it makes sense.

Nicky, Edinburgh



1. Joan P. - May 18, 2008

I agree with you Nicky. Why are the rules different for different riders/teams/countries. Isn’t this what has caused the amosity amoung the governing bodies to begin with?
Concerning the cyclist who lost his job because of a mistake with medication, having excersice induced asthma it makes me mad that he lost his job over this. When you can’t breath and it feels like you have a two ton truck parked on your chest, you will do whatever you can to breath again. It is VERY SCARY! If memory serves me correctly, wasn’t the stage in question part dirt road? Another asthma trigger. I find this ridiculous even insulting to limit the amount of asthma medication you can take. What should the riders have done, stopped on the side of the road and wait for the doctors to give them a breathing treatment (which takes about 30 minutes)? Sorry about the soap box, it just makes me mad, not because of who it was, because asthma is scary (I have known people who have died from an asthma attack). Can’t imagine trying to climb mountains or sprint in that condition.

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