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ZZZZZ… March 25, 2009

Posted by wetalkhablamos in chechu, lance armstrong.

It seems we’ve been snoozing on the job. It’s time to catch up on lost time, we’ve missed you.

Chechu’s 2009 season has started strongly. A good result in Australia was followed by a terrific result in California. Finishing 10th overall, he climbed, chased and yes, sprinted brilliantly over a tough parcours. He’s racing in Spain this week, supporting Leipheimer and Contador in Castilla y León.

And then there is Lance Armstrong.

On the wall of his parents’ bar in Baldarnón, there’s a huge photograph of Chechu on a climb at the Tour, with Lance on his wheel. I asked Chechu when it was, he couldn’t remember. It was USPS, so maybe 2003. Or 2002. Perhaps 2001.

And in his home gym, there are the framed maillot jaune, signed by Lance. There are at least two of them, casually propped up against the wall.

Chechu talks about those USPS days with energy and sparkle. His relationship with The Boss keeps delivering for him. Lance was instrumental in Chechu signing with Astana last year, and the key motivation for racing one more year.  The loyalty has brought Chechu overwhelming fan support in the USA.

Chechu is a consumate team-player, and he’s at his best working with other people. Even his Barlata is a collaborative venture. Yet what an asset he is to his partners. Good words flow naturally from him. He finds the positive in disappointment or calamity. Loyalty is instinctive.

Loyalty has been endangered in recent times. Our economy, based on greed and self-interest and so very fragile, is mocking our lives. We look back to past times, searching for values like integrity and gratitude which once worked so well.

There’s more to be said about this, but for the moment, let’s be thankful for Chechu Rubiera, who is gracious and good.

And also for Lance Armstrong. Always.



1. Martha - May 14, 2009

Beautifully said indeed.

It is these reasons, among many, that I hold Chechu in such high regard and esteem. He’s a gentlemen among men, a kind soul among humans. I regard him as a hero though I am sure he would kindly disagree, given his grace and humble nature.

I am thankful for someone like Chechu who proves that a whisper shouts his measure as a cyclist, a competitor and teammate.

Most of all, it is his kindness that speaks to me and for that, he has my undying admiration and respect.

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