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Cycle Museum at Drumlanrig Castle July 8, 2009

Posted by wetalkhablamos in history of cycling.
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I guess there are dozens of cycling museums around the world. Many will host the great machines of cycle racing history, as epic and triumphant as the men (mostly) who rode them.

We happened by chance upon a little museum on the west of Scotland, where there’s a replica of Kirkpatrick Macmillan’s ingenious velocipede.

This hand-cranked wooden contraption is reportedly the first mechanically propelled two-wheeled bicycle, which made its inaugural journey from Dumfriesshire to Glasgow in 1842. It was a round trip of 140 miles.

On arrival in Glasgow, the local newspaper reported that Macmillan was charged with riding along the pavement on a velocipede to the obstruction of the passage, and with having, by doing so, thrown over a child. The child wasn’t seriously injured and Macmillan was fined 5 shillings.