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Photograph by Liz Kreutz

This blog is our way of strengthening and building the community of Chechu Rubiera fans around the world.

We know that there are interesting ideas and opinions out there, and a great knowledge of cycling. And we believe there are some good writers too, waiting for the right opportunity to talk.

We’re looking for a few fans, who can write for Hablamos now and then, in English or Spanish, to add colour and perspective.

There’s no money, but we’ll share the nice things with you that sometimes come our way.

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small print : The editors of CHECHURUBIERA.INFO retain editorial control on all content. We take our cue from Chechu, who is courteous, intelligent and has great personal integrity. And a questioning mind, which opens a door for us to talk about issues. We use our real first names, and locations. Your privacy is paramount, and we never pass on your details without your permission.



1. Amy Bush - May 6, 2008

A chance to win an Astana cap signed by Chechu just for saying what I think about Astana going to the Giro……………………if it’s one thing I’m good at it’s giving my opinion on things, just ask my sister.

OK, so here’s my 5 cents worth……………….I think it’s fantastic! Everyone is speculating about the teams chances of even being competative since they didn’t have a chance to prep for a 3 week race but if you look at most of the team going, all of them have been in at least 1 Grand Tour, 1 of them is a Tour de France Champion and 2 of them are Tour de France podium finishers, most of them climb Very well and, those that don’t, it’s probably ONLY because they are the team work horses. Yes, all 3 of our GC contenders are Giro virgins and Alberto’s been sick and Klodi is just finding his form and Levi is probably still tired from climbing Brasstown Bald but look who we’re talking about. A mountain is a mountain for all practical purposes and, although they haven’t had time to practice for the TTT, they will be competitive for it even if they don’t win.

So, look out Italy, here we come………………………………


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